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Install Office 2016 with product key

How to install Office 2016 on MAC or on Windows?Firstly you find the product key.

Where to find the product key?

• The Product keyis printed form on the card inner the MS Office packing.
• Then you detect your product key, So you open the packingand separate the card.
• So you have seen the 25- characters is printed on the end of the card.
• Product key code format is shown on – XXXXX XXXXXXXXXX XXXXX XXXXX.

How to Download & Install Office Setup 2016 With Product key

1 Firstly justify your product key at
• Now continue to sign in your MS Office Account.
• If you don't have an account so firstly you create a new account.

2 Then you have successfully finished the first step.
• Then choose the install option of your product, click the install again option.
• By default this installs the 32-bit version of MS Office on your PC using the language you choose when you recovered the item.
• But if you want to install the 64-bit version, so change your language.

3 Then once you will press on install internet explorer, so it will show you a pop- up with the Run option.
• But the Google chrome or Morzilla firefox you will get the option to save the file.
• When the file is downloadedyou want to open it manually and run the installation.

4 You will be informed when installation done like, you are ready to Office is installed now.
• And then the animated video will be shown on your screen, how to detect MS Office softwareon your PC.
• Follow the instructionswhen shown your window.
• For eg. – Press start >see All App, where your App, then find your Appand choose close.