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MS Word - MS word is a software application which purpose is to makedocument. It is utilized to make letters, pamphlets, project, news notice, table and basic logos. Etc. Word provide all the tools and word-processing features. The new version of word has came up with more important features which make your work easier.

How to use MS word?

• Copy, paste, and cut with keyboard shortcuts.

• Quickly zoom in or out with microscope icon.

• Delete entire words at a time.

• Use Smart Lookup to search the Internet.

• Remove unwanted formatting.

• Tell the program exactly what you want to do.

• Use multiple clicks to select chunks of copy.

• Quickly insert links into a document.

• Select the default font you want, not the default font Word wants you to use.

• Find any word you want quickly and easily.

Whatare the Benefits of MS Word?

It's the most popular word processing program in the world. One of the most obvious benefits is its availability. Almost all windows users install MS suit in their computer system. It is available and used on all common computers. MS word is used to save documents. The documents can be copied to flash drive which serves as an external memory for your computer. This allows you to use the saved documents conveniently taking with you anywhere.

Another important benefit which is gained from using MS Word is it allows the users to make different formats in accordance with the need and importance. In addition to allowing you to create simple documents for business correspondence, it helps you greatly to create and design business cards, brochures, new letters and many more items that are needed. Besides, the use of fonts, shapes, clip art or smart art, charts has its own importance and value.

Steps to Activate MS word

1. After installation open word application.

2. Here you will get a word activation wizard.

3. Now you need to click on activate button and enter the same product key, if asked (25 digit product key).

4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete activation.

5. After following the steps your activation will be done in.

6. Now reboot your computer and enjoy office setup.

Now your MS word downloading has completed.