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How to Activate HUP?

It stands for "Microsoft home use program".It is a Software Assurance benefit available to Microsoft volume licensing customers with active Software Assurance. It covers their office applications which they are using. Workers who all are using the license in their work are also permitted to buy these applications offered by the Microsoft office setup. They can use these office application for their personal device in their working hours.

Why Need To Activate HUP?

• It helps in boosting organizational productivity in minimum time.

• It provides technical support 24*7.

• It also helps in developing planning services.

• It is one cost effective program.

• It can forecast your annual technology budget also.

Important: Before activating Microsoft HUP you should have Microsoft office in your system. And if you do not have it in your system then purchase and install it.

Steps to Activate Microsoft HUP

You can activate it in 2 places and those are:

• Activate HUP in (vlsc) volume licensing service center.

• Activate HUP in business center.

Steps for Activation Of HUP:

• Sign in to the VLSC or if you are not registered then create an account.

• Then go to the "view software assurance benefits".

• The screen shows the list of benefits. Select "home use program" from that list of benefits.

• Choose the agreement number for which you need to activate your HUP.

• On the benefit page click "activate now".

• And then go to the home use program.

• If you agree with the terms and conditions then accept the given terms and conditions.

• Fill benefit contact information.

• Update the desirable domains.

• Under benefit information go to the benefit status click on "active".