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Can't Activate Office 365 is a most successful version of Microsoft office. We can use Office 365 in different ways, such as personal, home, business and student. Office 365 introduce different gadgets such as iOS, Android, Windows, by installing the Office setup. provide many apps and services such as MS Word, MS Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint etc. If user can't activate office 365 then they can read the blog.

Why user Can't Activate Office 365?

There are many issues related to office 365 activation errors through which we can find out why user can't activate office 365. Read from here -

• If an old version is already installed in your device in that case you cannot install new version in your device.

• There is an internet issue then the Microsoft Office 365 portal or the ADFS server in your LAN or DMZ.

• If you try to login your account with invalid office 365 subscription assigned in that case you are not able to login.

After notice these such type of problems related to activate office 365. Some solutions given below related to these problems. This will hopefully help you to solve your issues related to activate office 365.

Some Solutions for Office 365 Activation Errors

Here are some solutions to activate office 365. Tryout these ways to activate office setup.

Provide a Valid Office 365 Subscription

• Firstly go to Office 365 portal.

• Sign in as an administrator.

• Then open the administrator account and on the right side, select the user with activation problems.

• Selecting the user, you make sure that the correct office 365 subscription was assigned you.

Remove Registered Office Installation

• Go to the office 365.

• Sign in as an administrator.

• After login go to active user and on the right side, select the user with activation problems.

• Go to install and then select edit button. Remove invalid registered from office installation from the computer in which you are facing error.