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Activate Office 365:- Office 365 is Microsoft office version with many latest features which provides apps and services i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more.

Office 365 Latest Features

• Cloud

• Exchange Online for email

• SharePoint Online for collaboration

• Web-based versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more

For utilization of this latest wonderful version you have to get subscription of Office 365. From Subscription process you can use all the apps and services of Office 365 without interruption. You can get subscription of Office 365 from the process which is mentioned below.

Activate Office 365 Subscription Steps

Step 1 - Firstly, open the link: in your suitable browser.

Step 2 - Now, you will get a screen with login and create a new account.

Step 3 - If you have a Microsoft account then login with username and password. If you don't have then create a new one.

Step 4 - When, you will done with login process then you will see a box for enter product key and just after you have to choose your country and language.

Step 5 - After the step4 install screen will be displayed.

Step 6 - Now, click on install then on the bottom side of your computer display.

Step 7 - You will see that you have options like: save, run and cancel. Now, there is two situations:
a. If you have run then click on it.
b. If you don't have run option then click on save after that you need to run the program.

Step 8 - When,you clicked on run Office 365 will start Installing.

Step 9 - Finally, you are done with all steps. Now we need to wait because Office 365 take some time to install.

Step 10 - When, your computer screen showing that you are all set! Office is install nowit means Office 365 now ready for doing work.

Now, you can click on start, then go to all apps. There you will find all of your office software i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more.
Congratulations, now you can utilize Office 365's all apps and services without interruption.